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Most view an international education as an ideal springboard for embarking upon an international career and being globally competitive. With the primary objective of making students more internationally aware and addressing the need to provide assistance to an ever growing outflow of international students, a group of young professionals with North American experience and education, set up a consulting unit and worked very closely with student groups both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, guiding them into institutes of repute worldwide. Realizing the importance of International education and the role it had begun to play in the lives of thousands of young students.


With the headoffice in Toronto, Canada and 2 offices in Algeria we are optimally equipped to give unbiased education counseling with a global career perspective for higher education in CANADA, USA, UK, FRANCE. We service students across all regions of North Africa and the Middle East.


Importance of Study Abroad

  • Personal Growth: Students who return from a study abroad program often see it as an experience which matured them personally and intellectually. They praise being exposed to new ways of thinking and living, which encourages growth and independence. For many students, going abroad to study is the first time they have really been away from 'home,' from familiar surroundings of the host country, as well as from friends and family. This is seldom an easy experience, but it is universally praised as worthwhile, often even life-transforming. After immersing themselves in a new culture, mastering the challenges of learning in a new and different academic environment, and experiencing the many highs and lows of being a 'foreigner,' students typically return home with increased self-confidence and justifiable pride in what they have achieved.


  • New Perspective on World Affairs: Study abroad can broaden your intellectual horizons and deepen your knowledge and understanding of international, political, and economic issues. It is almost certain that you will return from your sojourn abroad with a more informed and accurate perspective on world affairs. You will also have first-hand knowledge of how another culture approaches the tasks and challenges of everyday life, a sense of how 'global' the international culture has become, and an appreciation of the importance of international cooperation.

You will probably also gain a broader understanding of, and appreciation for, the host country, its way of life, and its role in international affairs. Through your professors, the other students in your program, and people you meet, you'll learn how others view the host country and its world role. If you live in a country where English is not the native language, or is spoken only by some, you will learn the practical importance of learning another language and using it.

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